April 20th (4/20) is an unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. The origin story is hazy, but most early accounts of using 420 as a weed reference point to NorCal, circa early 1970s.


Fast forward to 2017: Most of California is turning into a legalized zone for the bounty that comes from the cannabis plant. So we decided it’s time to hit up some of our trusted experts and aficionados to pull together a legit list of ways to celebrate.


We went looking for cannabis and cannabis-adjacent brands focused on sustainability, fair trade and giving back to the community. The good news: There’s a movement in the industry with a growing list of companies focused on conscious commerce and being more than one kind of green.


Check out these gift ideas for the inhalers, the edibles fans, CBD oil users and the stylish ones in your life.


Cannabis Edibles


“Edible cannabis is not only a great option for those people who do not want to inhale,” says Laura Mastroprieto of Pot of Wellness, “but one of the benefits of eating cannabis is that the effects can last 4 to 10 times longer than when inhaled.”


Defonce Chocolatier
Experts and artisans in chocolate making and cannabis dosing, Defonce Chocolatier uses a truly mindful approach for producing chocolate bars. The selection includes good-good like milk chocolate with cracked espresso beans; white chocolate with matcha green tea; dark chocolate with hazelnut and caramel.
The California-based company is also dedicated to using only sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients.  




Brew Budz
These cannabis flower-blend concoctions allow you to start your day with a sativa iced coffee or dial down in the evening with a decaf indica tea. Cannabis expert Mastroprieto related what you normally get with the different strains, “If you make edibles with an indica strain, you can get some really great sleep because it lasts all night. And if you make them with a hybrid or sativa, think of a great night out.”


Brew Budz doesn’t make your typical single brew pods. They are intentionally designed to be tossed into compost vs. meet the fate of your average plastic coffee pod, i.e. add to plastic waste.




On April 29, PopCultivate supper club is having a pop-up cannabis-infused dinner event, featuring the culinary creations of chef Topher. Tickets are $100 per person, and you’ll want to peep the FAQs for details on medical marijuana ID card requirements.




The 420 Gourmet: Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine
For the foodie who knows their way around the kitchen, The 420 Gourmet cookbook graduates any edibles cook to a level beyond brownies. The recipes offer something for everyone, from salads to dinners, and from vegan to kosher and, yes, even gluten free. The author includes dosage guidelines as well as advice for cooking with cannabis for pain management, nourishment and relaxation.




Flower and Concentrates


Mastroprieto also suggested a few ways to be a conscious shopper when buying for anyone who chooses to inhale.


Buy Handmade/Artisan
When it comes to shopping for glass items, she explained, “These items can go from simple to elaborate. The first thing you want to ask for is local artisans. I promise that I have never received a piece of hand blown glass that I have not cherished. On the upper ends of this glass market, you can find some really amazing art meeting function.”


Buy Local
“Because cannabis must remain within state lines, finding locally made items isn’t hard,” she said. “What is more difficult is finding quality. Read your labels and find products made with no solvents.”


“Ask lots of questions about how things are sourced and made. What are their processes? There could be very big extremes from one company to the next. Your local shopkeeper will be key to getting the truth behind the products.”


Buy Ethical
Mastroprieto said out loud the question that many conscious consumers have in their head, “What does the company do with their profits?” And, fortunately, their are cannabis businesses that have running programs for giving back to the community. Based in California, Bloom Farms donates a meal to the needy for every product purchase. They also focus on ethical sourcing and production of their cannabis products.





Hemp Fabric


The casual-athletic (aka athleisure) line of tees, hoodies and lounge pants are designed and made locally in Downtown L.A. Don’t sleep on the 100% hemp collection; you’ll get all that hemp fabric hookup like moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and a soft, breathable fit.





CBD Oils


Earth Milk
The all-natural, plant-based skin care products by Earth Milk feature botanical-status hemp CBD oils. For the weekend warriors or very active people in your life, the CBD Arnica Salve is formulated for relieving sore muscles, swelling or bruising.  




The Cannabis Spa at Home: How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments

Because, treat yo’self on 420. Try this cannabis-infused self-care. The Cannabis Spa at Home contains more than 75 recipes free of preservatives and major allergens that can be prepared at home with wholesome herbal ingredients. 





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