Our nation is reeling from the loss of lives during the tragic events of the past few months, and especially the multiple events since the week of July 4 (ironically).

At Hollywood Hippy, they’ve brought up a lot of conversation about Black Lives Matter, unity, and how to bring change in effective ways. And, as we’ve always said, our money is a powerful tool to make our voices heard, especially to the powers that be.

To do it together is to show strength in numbers.

We take this literally and want to introduce you to these five badass businesses that are Black-owned conscious businesses making a change in our world.

You want to know how you can help and how you can really make an impact?

Shop with these businesses (and others like them) and help empower the infrastructure and people of our beautiful nation.


Flo + Theo vegan skin care



Flo+Theo is a collaboration between two sisters, Mayowa and Ebony based in Queens, NY. The sisters started the brand out of their real need to find quality products for sensitive skin. Flo+Theo skin care products are 100% vegan and use only the freshest ingredients.


The Lip Bar – vegan lipstick


“In 2011, Melissa Butler, the Lip Bar founder and visionary, set out on a mission to impact the cosmetic industry with products that are unsurpassed in craftsmanship, quality and color. Handcrafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and avocado oil, The Lip Bar lipsticks are designed to moisturize, soften and amplify lips all while setting you apart with intoxicatingly bold, kick-ass colors.”



The Lip Bar Lip Shots
TheLipBar.com even includes “Lip Shots” where you can try on their shades and see which will work best for you.


Melissa learned a lot about reinvention and moving forward in the face of rejection when she was on the TV show Shark Tank.  Now, she knows, The Lip Bar exists to empower women through self-expressive cosmetics that are responsibly made.


Dapper Black Box

Dapper Black Box hails itself as the first and only subscription box for the conscious gentleman.  The monthly box includes a carefully curated selection of stylish accessories from Black-owned businesses.




By subscribing to the $28/mo. service, participants are continuously re-investing in the Black business community all while enjoying high quality, fashionable goods. One of the promises Dapper Black Box makes is that you will always receive far more product than your investment would purchase on it’s own.


Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture has been a Hollywood Hippy favorite for always. Most of us have a product or two at home. Shea Moisture is committed to products that are natural, organic, sustainably-produced goodness. They have pioneered fair trade through Community Commerce at home and abroad.



There has been some controversy surrounding Shea Moisture because of a recent investment into the company by Bain Capital. Many wondered if the company was still a Black-owned business after the deal. Sure enough, the original owners of Shea Moisture are still the majority owners and remain the visionary and quality control forces behind the brand.


Southern Culture Foods 


Featured on Shark Tank and O Magazine, Southern Culture Foods has a plethora of tasty, non-GMO food products that will make your mouth water.


Many of their products are vegan-friendly and everything is handmade.  As if that wasn’t enough, Southern Culture Foods gives back to the community with a fundraising program and has a subscription service for those of you who want it on the regular.

Personally, I can’t wait to try out their Bacon Rub.  Who knew bacon could be even better?

Each one of these companies meets the Hollywood Hippy standards for conscious business and we’re proud to highlight them.

Tell us about conscious businesses you love and we’ll highlight the best of the best back out to you.

Let’s put our money where our hearts are by supporting Black-owned businesses today.



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