We’re feeling inspired by the 5 Love Languages today. This book by Gary Chapman suggests that there are five main love languages–ways that most people normally communicate and experience loving emotions:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Affection  
  3. Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Words of Affirmation


We each have a type of love (or two) that speaks to us more than the other. Not surprisingly, the one that really makes us feel loved is also the type of love we tend to give.

We challenge you to stop and think about the person/people you love the most.


What do you think their love languages are?

Hint:  Think about the kind of things they do for you often. That’s probably a pretty good indicator of what their love language is.

Once you have a good idea, step two is coming up with some attentive ways to start speaking to your special someone in their love language.


Quality Time

Put together a picnic basket (with the help of Bon Vivant Market and Cafe) and take a ride up the coast with your lover for a beach-side picnic. We are a fan of Point Dume Beach in Malibu.



Plan a day or night full of cuddling and hand-holding. Try a foot rub, a scalp massage, a ballroom dance class. Choose a movie theater with seats that have retractable armrests.  



A little something from local jewelry designer Mae Mae Jewelry

Maybe a little bag for travel essentials from Ethnotek.


Acts of Service

Get that purse of hers restored or all of his favorite shoes shined.

Clean the entire house or take care of that one chore they usually avoid. You can also splurge and hire a housekeeper.

Cook dinner and serve with plenty of attention to the details. And there are other acts of pampering and serving, like a foot rub or massage, breakfast in bed, etc. 


Words of Affirmation

Write a poem. Sing a Song. Tell them how you feel. Or, if words escape you, consider buying an amazing card with words already written from local card maker Emily McDowell.


For all the single people: Don’t forget to treat yourself with gifts that speak loud and clear in your love language. In my case, a trip to the Korean Spa while the housekeeper gets my house spotless. 


Love is the most powerful force on Earth, and there are infinite ways to express it every day. Have fun while sharing the love!



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