Hollywood Hippy has been doing a ton of networking and cruising of the internets for the freshest brands coming up right now. And we curated them into an original gift guide series since it’s that festive time of year!


Staying true to our ‘Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is’ mantra, these brands are not the business as usual types: They value a thriving global community and planet just like we do.


Hunted Fox
You might remember Hunted Fox from our Vision Party in DTLA back in March 2016. They hosted the cozy, chill pop up alcove. Their beautiful goods are sourced globally, but made locally in L.A.

Black Waves Mud Cloth Pillow ($139).




The style, the artistry and the stories behind the handmade products of Hiptipico are amazing. Teams of artisans from indigenous communities in Guatemala make these products using sustainable materials.

Remolacha Blanket ($195).




St. Frank
Many of their products are one of kind. All of them are gorgeous! St. Frank’s selection of uniquely chic home decor comes from textiles created by artisans around the world. Every item is handmade and authentically represents the artisanry of the community where it’s produced. We love St. Frank’s mission to support economic empowerment for artisans and preserve traditional crafts. 

Below: Pink Otomi Framed Embroidery ($3550). Juju Hat ($395).


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Lounging setup at #stfrankpaloalto ✌🏽

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Nudie Jeans
These guys have set up their entire business process to be more people and planet-friendly. The jeans are made from 100% organic cotton, and the company puts a priority on being socially responsible. Not only that, they offer free jeans repair service at their locations (or a free repair kit they’ll send to you). Finally, they recycle their jeans into great stuff afterwards, like a fabulous denim rug!

Limited Edition Recycle Rug Indigo ($499).




Boll & Branch
Boll & Branch is holds up a serious standard in not only fair trade business practices, but also in keeping the supply chain short–from organic source to you. The result: You get luxury, planet-friendly linens for a fraction of the price.

Below: Flannel Sheet Set ($250 – $300). Cable Knit Throw ($125). 






Music of Spheres
The handmade masterpieces created by Music of Spheres are hailed as the Stradivarius of wind chimes. Made in Austin, the history of these wind chimes is just as beautiful as their music. Think all wind chimes sound the same? Take a listen for yourself…

Music of the Spheres Hawaiian Mezzo Wind Chime ($119).



(Disclaimer: We have relationships with some of these brands, and for those that sell directly on Amazon, we have included an affiliate link to their products. If you buy through those links, Hollywood Hippy will get a small commission.)





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