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What We Do

Hollywood Hippy is dedicated to elevating the cannabis industry by shining a spotlight on the health and wellness benefits of the plant.

We develop strategic marketing campaigns for cannabis brands who care about conscious consumerism, empowering them to build brand awareness & equity in an increasingly competitive industry

– with a real eye on the future.



How We Do It

Brand Marketing Strategy | Content Creation | Public Relations | Celebrity Influencer Programs | Events | Social Media Win a Free Consult (worth $1,000)

Player Profiles


Heidi Linnebach

Specialty: Biz Dev/Advertising

Street Cred: 15 years in the majors including LA Times, The Onion, Dodgers and Don Julio

4-20 Fav: Sativa Flowers

Personal Mantra: Keep it real



Monica Jaramillo

Specialty: PR, Branding, and Celebrity Influence

Street Cred: Here

4-20 Fav: Here

Personal Mantra: Here




Antonio Cuevas

Specialty: Words, Words, Magical Words… (aka Editor-in-Chief)

Street Cred: Here

4-20 Fav: Here

Personal Mantra: Here



Bridgett Hart

Specialty:Systems and Operations Expert

Street Cred: over 20 years leading teams to award-winning successes.

4-20 Fav: The right medicine at the right time for the right reason.

Personal Mantra: Under Promise, Over Deliver