So we recently got our hands on the Guise Etiquette skin care system for men, and giving it a thumbs up emoji. Gotta love it when this happens: Up until the moment when I tried it, I was already digging the brand’s backstory. The team behind Guise Etiquette, led by founder Ada Trinh, aims to produce a handcrafted-quality skin care line for the gents while keeping a small carbon footprint.


Guise Etiquette products “are natural yet effective, and organized in a simple three-step skin care system that the modern man can easily adopt into his grooming routine,” said Trinh, who is also a film and commercial makeup artist. The facial cleanser, aftershave tonic and oil-free moisturizer are produced in small batches with plant-based and organic ingredients.


The three-step system goes a little something like this:


No.1: Facial Cleanser

A nice start, the cleanser is concocted with cucumber and mint to clean away the grime. And if you’re watching out for sensitive skin, it’s also made with aloe vera and chamomile to avoid no-bueno dry skin.


No. 2: Aftershave

Guise Etiquette aftershave is made with ingredients that help your skin if razor burn, bumps or nicks are issues you face (pun intended).


No. 3: Moisturizer

Last but not least, the moisturizer is here to help hydrate your skin. It’s oil-free, extremely lightweight and does a nice job of absorbing into your skin without leaving your mug shiny or oily. The team at Guise Etiquette say the aloe vera and aspen bark ingredients keep your skin smooth and hydrated, but I’m all about that subtle fresh woodsy smell. Sorry if that just got weird.


Guise Etiquette Skincare System for Men


Where To Buy It:

The online store at features all items for purchase in any combination or individually.



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