At Hollywood Hippy, we love the fall.


To us, fall is about the harvest, a time for reaping the fruit of what was sown in the spring –and then clearing the way for new seeds to be planted again.


And when it comes to spending decisions, we love to imagine the great harvest that can be reaped from planting all the seeds—our cash money—with conscious brands. Imagine companies that measure success in terms of environmental impact, adding value to the community, etc.?!


Money makes the world go ’round. So let’s get real and acknowledge the basic economics: What people spend money on (or don’t spend money on) influences the products and practices that businesses will strive to deliver. Even if we aren’t rolling in the dough, our spending choices can still have an influence on the marketplace. See? {insert valley girl voice} Shopping is like, totally important.


But seriously, if we hope to reap the “harvest” of a more consciously-designed marketplace, we need to ensure our dollars–our seeds–are being planted in ways that will reap more ethical and sustainable business values and practices.


This fall, challenge yourself with the question, “What goodness am I planting by buying this product from this place?” Change doesn’t happen overnight, but purchasing with intention is an important first step.


Hollywood Hippy’s aim is to introduce conscious consumers like you to noteworthy brands offering ethical and eco-friendly products. From there, it’s your turn to make the choice to support those brands with your dollars, sending a message to the marketplace that you value sustainability, fair trade, eco-friendliness and community impact.


To that end, we put together a very special giveaway promotion for our awesome tribe.


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The Hollywood Hippy Harvest Package includes products from super dope conscious brands and all the products reflect at least four of the Hollywood Hippy values.


Hollywood Hippy is giving you the opportunity to reap this prize as a bountiful harvest of the conscious shopping efforts you sowed all year.  By entering the giveaway, you’ll not only get the chance to Reap the Harvest, you’ll get to learn about more than a dozen awesome brands.   

This prize package is valued at over $1,000, and entry period is 9/22 – 11/11. Only one winner will be chosen, and prize includes all the products pictured and described below:








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