October 16th is kind of a special day for me – especially this year.

First off, it’s my birthday, so that’s always fun. Secondly, it’s National Boss Day.  


Why is this special to me?  Well, on a selfish level, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, and this year, I am!  But, being “Boss” of your own life is not as easy as one might think.  


Every day, I’m battling insecurities, fear, doubt, laziness and straight up loneliness.  I’m also feeling creative, inspired, excited, supported, unlimited…free.  It’s an incredible journey full of dichotomy and bright mirrors, and one that is best traveled inside a strong community.


That is the reason October 16th is especially special this year….because I’m collaborating with one of my absolute favorite boss ladies of all time on a collection of jewelry designed to encourage and inspire the Boss Ladies of the world.  


Women in leadership are important.  They do things differently than men, and think in a completely unique way.  Everything is connected for women – and we are more likely to “give back” with our businesses.  We lift up our whole village when we are successful.  This nurturing, feminine nature invokes a spirit of collaboration over competition — something I think our world needs more of ASAP!  


So, for National Boss Day, we’re celebrating some of the most inspirational and uplifting boss ladies we know — and all the ones we don’t yet.  My hope is that one of these stories will make an impact on you, and inspire you to either step boldly into your own boss lady life or show love to the boss lady in your life.


Nurse Mo – The Resilient Nurse
Nurse Mo’s mission is empowering women – especially women of color – in the health profession.  She loved her job as a nurse so much, but hated the hours and the pay – especially considering how intense the job is in and of itself. So, she set out to create a platform for women based on attainable careers.  Now, she’s an advocate for preventative medicine, and believes in the power of both alternative/natural medicine and western medicine combined.


Originally from really humble beginnings in Philly, she knew to be on the lookout for jobs and opportunities all the time, so it wasn’t long before she was getting contacted by a number of brands that were looking for a spokesperson.


photo by enavi


Mo stays focused on how she can expand those opportunities as much as possible to create a sustainable platform and a life she loves.  Learning to advocate for herself and simply ask for things was one of her most important lessons as a boss lady.  


Her mantra of the moment is “A Closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Fed.”



Carmina Beccera
After working for 16 years as an on-camera talent, Carmina attended a transformational training program that awoke her to her purpose – that she is here to help people.


She realized the content she was making as a “personality” just wasn’t representative of what she cared about, or what she felt was needed to make a positive impact in the world.  Now that there’s an opportunity for anyone to create their own content, she decided to apply her skills and heart toward helping others create content that impacts through her coaching & transformation program, Camera Ready.  The idea is for everyone to feel like they’re a thought-leader and for every leader to impact millions.  


Carmina Beccera. photo by enavi


Carmina believes everyone’s soul & dream has a voice, and she is here to help people find that volume so they can make a difference in the world.  She specifically cares about helping women really live up to their full potential as influencers & speakers.



Jennifer Kelly
As an equity share partner in organic Tequila company, Dulce Vida, Jennifer is the #bosslady responsible for building the brand on the West Coast.   Dulce Vida is all about “living the sweet life” and Jennifer embodies that with her vibrant energy and sweet spirit.  But don’t think for a minute that means this lady is a push-over.  She’s a devoted mother, loyal friend, and fierce advocate for women in her industry who just happens to know you catch more flies with honey.



Trish Lindo
Trish has worked in digital video & television production for almost 20 years, and has built a  career based on experience, style and integrity.  As a stylist, blogger and social media influencer, she is moving into being a brand ambassador for big name fashion & accessory brands, and is often tapped to help talent re-envision their personal style.  To Trish, being a Boss Lady means that in addition to being in charge of her own business, she feels it endows her with the ability to create a world of opportunity for herself and others.  Her boss lady mantra is to embrace the unknown, and let the excitement of unrealized possibilities and purpose drive her forward.  


Trish Lindo. photo by enavi



Indrani Phillips
Indrani was a boss lady in corporate America for over 15 years, until she was suddenly struck by a deep depression.  She tried everything to treat the depression, and ended up going on disability to take the time to heal herself.  During that time, she stretched out of her comfort zone, and luckily met a life coach who opened her eyes up to the world of coaching and taught her how to heal herself and how to fully embrace her own perfect imperfections.  She has since built her own coaching & transformation business, The Effortless Life, through which she’s able to help other women build their own effortless lives. Her Boss Lady Mantras are “It Takes Effort To Be Effortless,” “It’s all about Energy”  and “Do what freakin feels good!”


Indrani Phillips. photo by enavi.



Courtney Friel

Courtney is living her dream life as a reporter and TV anchor on KTLA in LA – one of the most competitive markets in the world.  She loves telling stories and helping people, but especially…she loves being the first to know things.


A lot of people assume she’s just a pretty face regurgitating what others want her to say, but she brings forth her own voice to every story aiming to “Be The Light In the Dark and the Positive in the Negative.”  


Courtney Friel. photo by enavi


She feels that her ability to get a grasp of a major situation quickly and then translate it as simply and concisely as possible is her biggest asset.  Thus, her Boss Lady mantra – K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.  



Jhing Sillona 

Ms. Jhing has been her own boss since she was just a teenager – modeling, acting, singing and writing her own songs –  she lives to create.  In true boss lady form, Jhing takes time to mentor and teach young artists how to harness their own musical talent in her roles as Assistant Headmaster of the Southern California Piano Conservatory and Creative Director of  their SCPC Foundation.  As a single mother, entertainer, teacher and business woman with many projects, her personal mantra is “Do What I Love and Love What I Do.”  But, she’s also had to adopt another to help her progress.  “Focus on doing One Thing At A Time.”  She says that staying present in the moment allows her to give her undivided attention to whatever she’s doing, and she practices self-reflection and setting good intentions each step of the way.


Jhing Sillona. photo by enavi.




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