During summer, staying cool is key. And, knowing how to enjoy a mellow mood goes a long way, too. Fortunately, we have some of L.A.’s food and libations masters who know how to serve a little of both.


The legal uses of cannabis continue to spread through the culture, including L.A.’s fire foodie scene. This is probably not the beginning of the end for kale as the It green. But, seriously, Hollywood Hippy is very OK with the legalization trend. So we set out to find a local bar, a restaurant and a popup featuring cannabis-infused drinks and cuisine. 


One important note before we really get into it: You don’t have to get high to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. There are two different types of chemical elements derived from the plant and used as ingredients in food and drinks. THC is the psychoactive compound that causes the mind-altering high. And then there’s CBD (cannabidiol), which treats you to a different kind of potency. CBD is a compound that doesn’t get you high, but its general effects include alleviating tension, body aches and soreness.


CBD Cocktails at Gracias Madre
In this video, the beverage director at Gracias Madre demonstrates how CBD oil is used as a featured ingredient in a few of the vegan restaurant’s signature cocktails. Warning: This Mexican cuisine hotspot in West Hollywood is very pun friendly. The cannabis-infused drinks on the menu include the Stoney Negroni, the Rolled Fashioned and a non-alcoholic snowcone. There’s also a vegan sour (a take on the egg white-based Pisco Sour), topped with an iconic leaf shape made of matcha powder. Because, all the greens! 




CBD Cocktails at Pattern Bar
At Pattern Bar in DTLA’s Fashion/Garment District, the themed menu of cocktails includes the Lagerfeld, the Chanel, the McQueen, and since recently, you can request a CBD-infused version of just about any signature drink. Since CBD oil can add a subtle herbal flavor, you’ll want to be aware of how that can play with the flavor profile of the original cocktail. The friendly team working behind the bar can definitely be your guide, too. 



Cannabis-Infused Dinner at PopCultivate

PopCultivate is a popup supper club that rolls out a stylish cannabis-infused dinner event on the last Saturday of the month. The July theme is Midsummer Night’s Dream, and you can expect a next-level seasonal menu for the foodies, masterminded by notable chef Chris Yang. 


Dinner is served containing cannabis (aka medicated), but you can request non-medicated and/or vegetarian options. Key deets: Date: July 29 at 7 p.m.; the targeted dosage for the entire meal is 50mg; medical marijuana cards and ID are checked at the door; the event is 21 and over, BYOB (“bud and booze”), and takes place in the DTLA Arts District. Tickets are $100 and can be purchased online


If the last dinner event in June is an indication, PopCultivate is clearly all about the details and introducing you to cool new ish. Check it: The ambiance is made right by art installations and live music in an unforgettable downtown L.A. location.









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