Our Pledge

We’ve created a list of values by which we measure products and brands.

If we are going to highlight a brand or product,
they have at least four of the eight qualities.

We truly wish we could feature only brands that had all 8 qualities, but we feel that true change can only come when we are realistic and make sustainable steps towards that change.

Also, while we have a lot of connections to amazing brands and creatives that are changing the world in their own way, we are 100% certain that most of them are going to come from you!

Let's build the Yelp for conscious commerce together!

To that end, we want to hear about the brands, organizations, and creatives you love!

Each brand must embody 4 of the 8 Hollywood Hippy values and 2 of those have to be "fashionable" and "high quality" because, after all, what kind of "Hollywood" Hippies would we be if we lost our fashion and quality?

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