Want to make a positive, lasting impression? Let’s look at your style sources, foodie choices and the cheap plastics in your life. This is where you can take your game to a tight new level. And, since Hollywood Hippy is all about making sustainable choices without sacrificing style, think of these as some legit upgrades.


Climb Aboard the “Slow Fashion” Train
You’ve probably heard this buzz term by now? The slow fashion movement is a rally to get people to think twice about fast fashion. Fast fashion is all about riding trends for a hot minute, selling at low prices and usually produced with little attention to detail, aka it’s not going to last very long. In the documentary The True Cost, you can get the sad stats on how the planet and workers around the globe pay the real price for $8 t-shirts.


The slow fashion movement needs you!

Step 1: Quit fast fashion.

Step 2: Shop clothing brands that use materials and manufacturing processes that are more sustainable for the environment as well as for workers.

L.A. and California are home to a fast-growing universe of ethical clothing brands, and Hollywood Hippy is always out here talking about the coolest.


Eat Less Meat
It’s time to step your game up with plant-based dishes, be it your kitchen skills or your palate (or both). Whether it’s No Meat Monday or a Veggie Challenge, trust us and trust the scientists on this: Raising livestock requires plenty more water and natural resources than local, seasonal produce.


Our friends at the Sustaining Life blog did the research on this: “You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint … by going meatless just Monday through Thursday or until 5pm every day.“


Are you concerned about getting enough protein? Check out this Meatless Dinner series by boss dietitions, featuring vegetarian deliciousness:



Know this: The lentil-stuffed bell peppers are bomb dot com.


Trend Alert: Plastic is not a cute look. How about these three ways to upgrade?

Reusable Shopping Bags
ICYMI, California residents actually chose to ban plastic shopping bags last year. And chances are that you’re already riding that reusable bag train. There are plenty stylish options out there, i.e. the Hollywood Hippy “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is” bag, just released. OK, OK, shameless plug but we had to!


Water Bottles and Insulated Cups
They’re are some dope and sophisticated plastic designs out there, but consider reaching for a built-to-last stainless steel option the next time you replace a worn plastic bottle. Klean Kanteen produces a full line of attractive bottles, cups and canisters.


Food Storage Containers
This upgrade is eco-friendly and a safer choice than plastics that deteriorate over time and can leak chemicals into your food. You’re better off with legit glass storage containers, which come in all the same sizes as plastics.



h/t Sustaining Life blog



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